Gearing Up for the Big Day

We are in Denver... Moved up here yesterday. It was a little sad to say goodbye to our dear home in the country, and the dog and cats who are part of our family but didn't come along with us due to technical difficulties relating to their comfort and care. ;) Tam's pre-op appointment is this morning and Austin decided to take the opportunity to give platelets (which takes about 2 hours) so I am hanging out with the children, repeatedly saying, "Don't touch anything" every 30 seconds, using every hand sanitizer dispenser we walk past... Lol. Just canNOT take chances this close to surgery.
Dad and Mom K and Bruce and JaLynne are coming for the transplant... This family is getting stretched pretty thin with 2 transplants within 3 weeks of each other! Austin's brother, Trent, has to have a bone marrow transplant and is scheduled for around August 14. It's not a surgery but no less major! Pray for them... It all looks scary and a bit overwhelming if we try to comprehend what is really happening in this family. day at a time...


  • A friend of Tams,

    Praying that all goes well for both family’s! And thanks for updating! Wishing you courage for the days ahead!:)????

  • Allison's Granny

    Can't wait to meet the young woman with the big heart who's willing to give a little piece of liver so a little girl can feel good again. Just makes you want to love her! Praying for you all!

  • Jared & Brianna Regehr

    Praying for everyone involved!

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