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Liver numbers are worse today so we're not going home. They plan to do an MRCP (basically like an MRI) today, if they can get her in, to check for bile duct strictures inside the liver (or possibly in the system leaving the liver where the stint was put in) that might be causing rejection. If there is a stricture they will go in and open it up so the bile can flow again - this is not a surgery - it's a procedure done with a needle like a biopsy. Her bili level is still normal but they want to find the problem before it's big and making her sick. We are terribly disappointed (she wept when I told her we couldn't go home today) but such is life...
They can't get Alli in for the MRCP today since she ate breakfast at 8:30 and the anesthesiologist available today wants her to be NPO for 8 hrs tomorrow... The nurse said it depends on the anesthesiologist. Some would go with only 4 hrs NPO so for today we wait. The nurse was really pleading our cause for getting the scan done first thing in the morning since a 3 year old on steroids is not the easiest to deal with when you're withholding food!


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