We are packing and getting ready... Alli is enjoying her day at the house, just having a low key day.  Definitely a little anxiety trying to set in for her parents, but it's okay so far. Just seems to be sinking in that this is for real. Alli is to be admitted tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 and they will do x-ray and labs and consider placing an IV if they think they can get easy access. Dr. Polaner, anesthesiologist, says he doesn't want them to scar up her veins before surgery so if they can't feel an obvious one they should just leave it. Plus, he doesn't want to traumatize her anymore than is necessary.  We are to mention this to everyone we meet when we get there so no one is ignorant of the arrangements. Lol. Monday morning, surgery is scheduled for 8:30. They will take her down to pre-op around 7. Once she is in the OR they will have us move our stuff to the ICU room they have for her and that's where we will see her at the "end of the day" if all goes as expected. Pray for us! The possibilities tend to want to make us fear a little when we aren't busy...both for us and Tam! Dad and Mom K get here tonight and Bruce's come tomorrow-will be so good to have them here!


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