Anna Update -- Day ZERO: Transplant Day!

Well, it’s done. Anna has received her new cells and now we wait and watch. Wait for engraftment. Wait for side effects to kick in. Watch for signs of graft-vs-host disease. But Anna was a serious warrior.

She woke up in a great mood, and was silly all day. We played games and Just Dance on the Wii. Being able to hold the cells in my hand before she received them was amazing. I just can’t stop thinking about her donor today. So thankful for his generosity and kindness – and I hope that, one day, we can meet him and tell him as much in person. I’ll never forget the look on Anna’s face when we heard the nurse say the donor cells had arrived– a huge smile, as if she was born ready to take on this challenge.

Grateful for a day filled with laughs, excitement, strength and just a few happy tears – knowing the road ahead is still bumpy but at least one major hurdle is out of the way. 



  • pbolno

    Glad to hear the news and now you start +1. No more negative numbers. Hoping for a large prayer circle tomorrow night.

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