Red Robin Fundraiser Night (1st fundraiser)

We hosted a fundraiser at Red Robin back in April. Each of our supporters had to bring in a flyer or mention they were dining for the fundraiser to their server. The manager on duty allowed us to place a table near the door that each guest would have to walk past. On the table was COTA information, information about the COTA for Ashton R campaign, a collection box, a picture of Ashton, and a sign for awareness bracelet sales. Over the course of the night, I thanked everyone that came for the fundraiser and I spoke with many people that I didn't recognize about the COTA campaign. Gave each person information about COTA and how to find other events in our area to support COTA. Overall, this fundraiser was a success. The servers and managers that were on duty said it was one of the busiest fundraisers that they have hosted. Thanks everyone. 


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