Will today be the day?

I am sitting here, wide awake, thinking about how lucky I am. I am lucky, and very thankful, to have such a wonderful family, friends, and overall support system. If I didn't have each and every one of you, I would not be doing nearly as well as I am...in many different ways. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!! Most of all, thank you to my AMAZING sister, Sarina, for doing everything you are doing, and simply for being who you are. I love you, and I appreciate you more than you know.

Ashton continues to do very well. He is getting bigger, and more full of personality every day. Despite the fact that he is eating a LOT better than when he left the hospital (thank you Pediasure), his feeding tube will not be going anywhere any time soon. He is eating more and more fruits and vegetables every day, and even had his first taste of mac and cheese yesterday for dinner. Little by little it is getting better!

I am going to continue to be a broken record... Ashton is the happiest baby I have EVER known. When I was a teenager, I did a lot of babysitting, for many different children, and as many of you know, Ashton has two older siblings. Of all of the children I have cared for in my life, Ashton smiles and giggles the most of all. He is happy all the time! He has a light in his eyes that can make anyone smile. He has the power to wipe away all of the negative feelings from a bad day, with a smile, and that twinkle in his eye.

I love Ashton very much, and I know he will get his heart soon. As much as I want him to have a new heart, I cannot wish for it, because I cannot wish for another family to go through such heartache. Instead, I just keep asking the question... "Will today be the day?"


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