You may have noticed that the page has been a little quieter lately. We apologize for this, and appreciate everyone patiently waiting for updates.

One update that we failed to mention on the page is that Erika got married! Erika and her fiancé Hunter got engaged in April.

Our family was all in Seattle for Erika’s transplant evaluation. We decided to plan a whale watching trip on Whidbey Island after the week of testing was over. While on the whale watching boat, Hunter proposed to Erika, asking “whale you marry me?” and Erika said yes! Despite being very sick, Erika began planning her dream wedding (her Pinterest boards were already full of ideas). They started planning an August wedding by the ocean with their families.

Planning the wedding was good motivation for Erika while she was in the hospital and especially while she was recovering in the transplant house. Hunter and the rest of the family was more than understanding during this time, and offered servers times to reschedule the wedding, but Erika persisted.

On August 31st, 2019 Hunter and Erika said their vows to each other in front of their closest family members, with the ocean in the background. It was truly a dream come true and the tears were flowing from everyone in attendance.

Erika spent all night running around with her family, smiling and laughing, eating delicious food, taking pictures with her new husband, and breathing deeply!

Congratulations Hunter and Erika Robins.  Your love story is incredible!


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