The Day After

Erika for the most part had a good morning. They woke her up a little and she was able to follow commands and knew mom and Hunter were there. Mom played the videos of Isla and she definitely responded but then she got worked up. Her agitation is definitely a combination of pain, anxiety, and actually being agitated that the breathing tube is there. She was trying to talk, but can’t. This is a good sign but also causes some changes in her vital signs that aren’t helpful. They gave her more medication so she is sleeping. 

They plan to place an epidural for pain management here shortly so they can wean back her narcotic pain medications since those suppress her respiratory rate. She will need that to be unaffected when she is extubated. 

Her lungs sound really good despite the pulmonary edema. Her oxygen support has already decreased low enough to get the breathing tube out. There are some other numbers which have to reach their target values before that happens but they are hoping to extubate this afternoon. Her chest X-ray looks great and is really amazing to see. Before when you saw X-rays of her lungs they were white and cloudy, now clear!!
There are lots of moving parts here but the team that she has is on top of everything. She’s in good hands. I’d like to request extra love and support for the donor family. We don’t know anything about them and we may never, but we do know there are people suffering from much less hopeful emotions right now. 


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