The day she gets her new lungs.

They took her back for surgery and everything is set to move forward. Even after she went back we didnnow if it might still be a dry run. But now we know for sure it isn’t.

They just came out and said that there was a complication with the intubation that caused her to aspirate vomit into her lungs. The lungs part isn't the concern because she wont need those anymore, it's the fact that she had decreased oxygen to her brain for several minutes. They are hoping that since she's young and relatively healthy going into surgery that it won't cause much of a problem long term, but because of this she may have some trouble coming out of anesthesia. The surgery is definitely happening now and they are working on her but that complication did delay things as far as surgery getting started a little bit. I will keep you updated as much as I can today.


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