Day 10 - Midday UpDay 10 - Midday Updatedate

Last night, Everett's fever fluctuated between 101°–104°, but his respiratory function, heart rate, and blood pressure still look great. No lab results have come back positive yet, but those may take several days.

On the plus side, there is a "desirable" fever that is expected when a child is engrafting (when new stem cells are growing), but the staff aren't sure if that's what is currently happening because Everett's hands and feet are cold, which is not typical of engraftment syndrome. Only time will tell.

We currently are trying to keep his head cool with cold washcloths while keeping his arms and legs warm with warmed blankets. The blue tube is blowing additional oxygen to make sure that he doesn't have to struggle with breathing.

Thankfully, he is currently comfortably sleeping and listening to lullabies. Thank you so much for the outpouring of support and prayers! All of them are certainly needed and appreciated.


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