Day 145 - Domino Effect

Today's clinic visit provided a perfect illustration of the delicate balance required to manage Everett's health.

The Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD) he has been battling necessitated an increase in his steroid dose. The increased steroids helped to calm his irritated skin and digestive tract (somewhat), but weakened his still-recovering immune system. A strong, preventative antibiotic was prescribed to keep him free from infection while on the increased steroids, but they destroyed his normal, beneficial oral bacteria, and he developed thrush.

Because of the thrush and his still-irritated GI tract, Everett refuses to eat by mouth, and he vomits several times a day. For such a little guy, every ounce is important, so hopefully his medical team can get the situation turned around quickly, and he will be able to keep his food down and gain some weight! Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers!


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