Day 47 - OR and Clinic Trips

We spent a full 12-hour day at the hospital today, but anything less than 24 hours is a blessing, so we're not complaining!

Our morning started in the OR...the cuff that holds Everett's central line in place fractured (because he never stops moving), and some of the small broken pieces were preventing the line from healing. Thankfully, the surgeon was able to preserve the line, remove the debris, and re-secure the line in place. Hopefully,  our active little guy won't break it again!

After being released from the OR, we headed to our normal daily visit at the 4th floor clinic. Based on Everett's lab values, he needed infusions of antibiotics, magnesium, and blood, all of which are very normal at this phase in the transplant journey, but each take a pretty long time.









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