Transplant Countdown - Day -6

Haylee and the wonderful staff at Duke spent Day -6 upgrading equipment to meet Everett's needs. Since he's constantly moving, one of his amazing nurses was able to find him a larger crib with plastic slats! Now, he has more space to crawl around and doesn't bruise his head so easily on the sides the way he did with the old crib.

Everett has really enjoyed borrowing a pediatric wheelchair from the hospital, so Haylee was able to order his very own custom wheelchair this morning! His new wheelchair resembles a super-duper stroller, but it's so much more! It will convert to provide the stability he needs in a variety of settings, from sitting on the floor to play with the Big Sisters to joining the family at the dinner table.

If everything goes smoothly with the transplant, the stroller should be ready for Everett to take his first spin in it right after he is discharged to the Ronald McDonald House after the procedure!


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