Past Events

The Blueberry 5k Dash (A Denali Blueberry Festival event) follows a paved path, from the McKinley Chalets Resort, through the scenic Nenana River Canyon, to the entrance of Denali National Park, and returns along the same route.

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Another successful night!! This time we did 25/hr. ~Helen's Mom

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Byron is currently unhooking her. So far so good. At least nothing bad occurred in the middle of the night. Just a few "Mommy/Daddy I need you" which required holding her hand till she fell asleep again. ~Helen's Mom

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We are still battling getting Helen's normal feeds in. Tonight Byron and I are trying a very minimal night feed again. This time 20ml/hour. I really hope she is able to keep it all down! ~Helen's Mom

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We are T-minus two weeks away from the start of "Celebrate Helen Month" at all four Yogurt Hut locations. Our Birthday Bash launch on May 3 will be awesome!! NOW 93.7 will be broadcasting live and to help us spread the word, Sneak Preview will be Continue Reading »


So glad Helen woke up in good spirits! We had a rough night! It is no fun cleaning puke out of your child's hair when you have to unhook then from their machine (keep in mind everything must be sterile, masks on) and showers are not possible unless Continue Reading »


I hate days when Helen pukes and complains of her belly aching. Luckily she has no temperature, and we just drained some of her "belly juice" and it was super clear. Hopefully this is just some normal toddler cold.

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4/18/14 Part Duex

Helen is a huge fan of the Ronald McDonald House! She made some friends, played with trains and got to dress-up as Snow White. ~Helen's Mom

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We had a good but long trip to Portland. After two nights three days, three doctor visits and 13 hours in the car I am ready for a break! Helen is great in the car! I wish I could say the same for her sister. This was the first clinic visit without Continue Reading »

Media Coverage

KOBI 5 News Segment!! March 28, 2014

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