I was lured away by Marie-Laure who came down from Cincinnati and Sarah D. who flew in from Virginia for good food and very good wine on Saturday night.  The fellow this week, Rachel, and Iain's nurse, Daniel, who were on duty during the day colluded to persuade Iain it would be a marvelous idea for him to allow me to have a night off. It was very sweet as they all trooped in to tell him how they were all going to take care of him - like they don't anyway!  As you know these doctors and nurses are incredible.  On Friday night Dr. Sandeep signed out of his service then played 45 minutes of Xbox with Iain and was soundly trounced.

In the end, Iain did not have the greatest night but he made great strides today being off the ventilator for 5 hours, walking twice and taking a trip in the wheelchair to the garden.  He looked really good and gave out those rare but totally beatific smiles that light up a room.  This week's medical goal is to figure out what to do about the pneumothoraces as when they try to reduce the suction from the two chest tubes, the pneumothoraces grow larger.  Another goal, is to start catching up on some of the maths he has missed.   I am not entirely sure if Iain was as quite convinced as we were of the necessity of that type of rehab.


  • Chrissie M

    What a great picture! Good to see your Xbox skills are still strong!

  • susan muir

    Xbox has been proven to be better rehab than maths (I have that on good authority). I mean, what would you rather do? Great picture, Iain, but I hope you let the doctor win one time.

  • Young Schwemm family

    We hope the week has lots of walks to the garden and X-box, not so much math... And recreation for you, too, Seema. Keep up the progress — you look great, Iain!

  • lisapendergast

    Hhhhmmmmm......Good news about the vent. Bad news about the math. Hee hee. Hope this week is better than the last. Stay strong Iain!

  • Elizabeth Burrows

    Iain, I think you will remember Buckets for Change at Summit, one of the best parts being the student/staff basketball game. We're starting the tournament next week, and are raising money for your lung transplant. Kids at Summit ask about you and you are in our thoughts and hearts. We are all so happy to see you walking and smiling-you are a hero at your school.

  • TheSquad

    Hey Iain! The Squad secretly still knows you're the best at Call of Duty even though we don't want to admit it. I guess Doc now knows the pain of getting a Iain smack down (we certainly do). Hopefully your medical goals are achieved this week, but don't worry about the math it's not really a important subject. I mean when do we ever use it? Feel better buddy :)

  • Beth A. Coleman

    Very, very glad Seema that you got some time to restore your spirit with good girlfriend!! And it seems Iain is winning hearts and developing a fan club true to his indomitable spirit! Way to go Dr. Sandeep that is so awesome that he hung out with Iain in a fun way. Thoughts and Prayers Always!! Beth and Dunbar.

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