Eyes Not Quite Wide Open

But he is trying to open them. The paralytic was taken off a few hours ago and he is suddenly beginning to respond. He looks asleep but he is really trying to respond. We are very excited.


  • Chrissie M

    I am very very excited!!! Open those eyes Iain and see your Mom and Dad looking and loving on you!

  • Lidia

    Wonderful news, Seema!!

  • SherriCowhig

    Come on Iain!!!! You can do it!!!

  • Severson Family

    Oh Man! How excited you guys must be!!! Good job Iain - you are a fighter!

  • Abraham Family

    Hello Iain! Guess what? It's over, and now it's time to open your eyes and see how beautiful the world is especially with your mom and dad at your bedside. We're all rooting for you! Can't wait to start receiving messages from YOU! LOVE AND HUGS! The Abrahams! X

  • lisapendergast

    So excited for you all to see each other again.

  • Elizabeth Burrows

    We are rejoicing with you!!! Iain will be driving his dream Bugati soon!

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Bet those eyes have never looked so lovely! Welcome Iain to a wonderful next phase.

  • susan muir

    Well, that's great news. Thanks again for all the updates. It's midnight here, but I can't wait to read about his progress in the morning.

  • marilynmonnette

    Great job Iain!

  • Nana and Grandpa

    Hello Iain, Here we are- Nana and Grandpa finally making it into the "BLOG WORLD" Aren't you proud of us? Well don't make any comments until we are sure we can cope! Needless to say we are thinking of you all the time -yes including when we are asleep we are dreaming about you- amazing adventure stories where you are always the hero. Maybe one day we can turn these dreams into a book and as grandpa thinks -make a fortune!!!! Note from Grandpa---- Iain -you know I am not as good as Nana at writing letters but I am a better curry cook than she so I promise you the beat Indian curry that I have ever made when you come home. Don't tell your doctors because they will want to come and share the curry - well they can join you but its a long way from their wonderful work. We don't know them but we have heard a lot of things about them so please tell them "Thank you for their fantastic and loving care for you,from your Nana and Grandpa." Needless to say we are thinking of Your Mom and Dad and send them our love too with a vengeance ( that means all we can muster!) We have been talking to Olivia and Simon and I think they would rather be close to you just now and are sad they are so far away but are looking forward to seeing you - the sooner the better !! Lots of love to you Iain and to your Mum and Dad See you soon---- Nana and Grandpa.

  • Michelle

    Awesome news. I am so glad to read this good news.

  • Hetty Ball

    Iain, Keep up the great fight!

  • Lynn Pesely

    Awesome news! I am so glad that Iain is starting to recover - thankful for great medical care along with a very strong patient and family. Hoping this is the start of a healthy new year!

  • Aunt and Uncle

    Iain, I am anticipating my VW settlement in a couple weeks. I am also expecting your verdict on my decision so your timing is quite good.

  • Young Schwemm family


  • Beth Butterfield

    Wahoo Iain!! Keep it up!! You got this~ you are so strong inside! So proud of you!! Seema and John you have an amazing kid because you are amazing parents! Such great news!! ??Beth (aka Mrs. Butterfield)

  • Chrissie M

    Sincerely hoping that you are all getting some much needed rest tonight.

  • OB Family

    Seema, We are sending love to all of you and so much strength and prayers. Lex shared that Iaian was her first crush in Kindergarten at High Peaks. THAT is a special place in a girl's heart. He is very much in ours.

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