Iain is still Rejecting Rejection

Yes, we are happy to report Iain has thus far avoided acute rejection.  On the whole his results are looking decent. I have to admit on Monday evening I was feeling a little concerned because I sat in the nuclear medicine scans where you can see blood flow and air flow in the lungs.  It appeared that the lower left lobe was not moving air and blood.  Not being trained in the medical arts, despite the last 6 months crash course, I naturally jumped to conclusions and had unspoken fears, although Iain did tell me to stop looking worried.  Dr. Blatter put those to rest the next day saying that, in fact, Iain had bronchiectesis.  Essentially, the bronchial tubes in the lower left lobe have been permanently damaged due to his having suffered numerous infections or inflamation in that area.  It is part and parcel of being immunosuppressed in a way.  The rest of his lungs look good and since he is feeling so much better than before the transplant, we are all content and already back home in Boulder.


  • lisapendergast

    We are all absolutley thrilled. Congratulations Iain!

  • Young Schwemm family

    We're so glad to hear this news. Congrats, Iain! See you all soon.

  • lywfleming

    Wow, we are so happy for you guys!! Iain is such a tough young man from such a wonderful family. Thinking of you guys! ~The Flemings

  • susan muir

    That's great news, just what you all needed.

  • Lidia

    We are so happy for you guys, especially Iain!!! You are Iron Man! Wonderful news! Love the family photo too! : ) The Visnjics

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