Missouri May Monsoon

It has rained constantly until today.  But with the deluge came a good week.  Iain is so much better.  John and I have felt guilty as we were not aware of the symptoms of his pneumonia.  His increased secretions and fatigue stealthily crept up and without a fever we did not suspect an infection.  We felt like very poor parents.  Now we know what his baseline is we will be more vigilant.  Iain will get a boost this weekend with Cormac visiting and then we are going to start to pack.  Iain still has to be released from general surgery and there are some issues to be wrapped up but .......


  • marilynmonnette

    Iain you rock! Happy to hear Iain is doing better and the skies have cleared. Wanting you to know I continue to send love and strength. Marilyn

  • Karl Pendergast

    In the immortal words of David Essex, Rock ON Iain! Can't wait to see you.

  • Young Schwemm family

    We're glad you haven't been washed away and that you're hitting the trail for Boulder soon!

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Excellent news that you will be on your way home to Boulder and the rain has stopped. Iain we heard you had a bit of rain and just to reassure you that your Aunty Win, the team leader of the IHAS (Penshaw and Sunderland Branch) Rescue Section was on standby for action if she was required. I must admit it was a challenge to get her into the wet suit but we got there in the end and the broken bones will heal given time. Anyway she remembered she went to school with a guy who knew everything you need to know in case of lots of rain and floods. She said he is famous in the boat building game and I thought it was Sir Ben Kingsley but I was wrong, its some bloke called Noah. But he seems to know his stuff though. We popped around to see him in his massive houseboat. He said he made it all himself out of wood, I said 2" by 2" and he just looked at me. I did notice that he did have a lot of pets though. I asked him if he liked Phil Collins as someone said he was in Genesis but I never got an answer, just another strange look. Oh well, we hope you all have a nice weekend and keep up the good work everyone. Takecare from the Mad Prices of Penshaw

  • Seema

    Thanks for keeping me sniggering and making sure I remember my mackam roots.

  • john.hubert

    John, Seema, Iain, So glad to hear you guys will be coming home soon. Hard to even imagine what you've been through. You guys are so strong! Continuing to send prayers and love your way. Iain, you are an inspriration! Love, John, Lisa, Blake and Matt

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