More Bad News

We are heartbroken for our son that today he started seizing.  He had had his third sleepless night in a row and was still answering questions albeit it weakly.  He probably started around at 10 am and I am sorry to say I think I did not recognize it for what it was.  I thought he was experiencing a more severe version of the delirium.  Around 1 pm he had about 6 seizures in a row and really only stopped after a specific anti-seizure medication.  The doctors are unsure of its cause, many conjectures.  The CAT scan came out negative for anything major but he has just come back from an MRI and we will get the results once neurology read it.  He will also undergo a spinal tap to look for an infection in the brain.

On the upside his lungs look much better from the graft disfunction.


  • Abraham Family

    Oh, Seema and John. We are so sorry to hear of Iain's state. Iain, please, please try to rest and sleep. I know that the doctors wil figure out why this is happening. On the bright side at least your new lungs seem to be operating better. Seema and John, whisper our best wishes in Iain's ear. Tell him we love him, and are in awe of his strength and tenacity. Please let us know how things are going when you're able to write. XO The Abrahams

  • Young Schwemm family

    We are holding you all close in our hearts and pray the seizures stop and Iain can be comfortable. Iain, your friends love you!

  • lisapendergast

    Hey there Iain, I'm so sorry this day has been incredibly tough on you. We have been thinking of you (as always). Just wanted to remind you how much you are loved and missed here at home. Hang in there, dear. Hugs to you Seema and John. xo

  • arididdams

    Keep fighting Iain! I'm astonished by what you've overcome and I think I finally understand how you can watch all those horror movies without burying your head in a pillow like me. I'll be ready for The Hills Have Eyes the next time I see you!

  • TheSquad

    Hang in there buddy the squad is thinking of you!

  • Salvado Family

    So sorry to read this one more hurdle - you could now write a book of medicine ... although I imagine this is the lowest on your priority list. Sorry for the silence these past few days (week??) - but slowly recovered from a long flu (and so glad I didn't pass it on to you!!!), and 2 consecutive weeks of business travels. Hang on there Ian - you will overcome all this adversity!!!

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