Nine Months On and Zero Rejection

The further we get from the date of transplant the less likely Iain will suffer from acute rejection.  We just got back from St. Louis where Iain underwent a bronch and biopsy.  Happily it came back all clear with no signs of acute rejection and he did not have to endure one of his famous pneumothoraces either.  (None of you had to look that up did you after Iain's experience?).

We managed to catch up with a lot of his fabulous nurses and doctors. They were uniformly astounded that he had his voice back.  I realize on my last blog I forgot to mention, at our last visit to St. Louis Children's Hospital, that the ENTs were pretty convinced that Iain's voice would remain as a loud whisper and if he wanted a chance of speaking normally he would have to submit to another surgery.  Needless to say that was not going to be a priority.  Surgical interventions for Iain now are strictly in the "must have category.  But Iain likes to prove the experts wrong and lo and behold his voice came back one week out of the blue.  I had not really noticed but my co-workers remarked on it as Iain has been coming in to help out in the office now and again and from one week to the next his voice came back. Magic!

So now we just need to make sure that he can safely navigate the upcoming flu and cold season.  Thank you everyone for tuning in and for your support.


  • jen.p.erickson

    So happy for Ian and all of you for this wonderful report! You continue in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Lidia

    Seema, thanks for the updates! We love to hear about Iain's progress. We are thrilled that things are moving in the right direcetion and that he got his voice back! : )

  • Steve.White

    We're so happy things are going so well. Steve, Andrea, & Aidan White

  • marilynmonnette

    Hi Seema Thanks for sharing the update. So happy for Iain and all of you. I listened to the "I'm know I'm Rare" podcast. You were amazing. Hearing more of the details left me in pure awe of how strong Iain, John and you are. Continued blessings Marilyn

  • Christina.Doak

    Thanks for the update Seema! We are thrilled that Ian is doing so well 9 months out of transplant. We continue to think of you and cheer Ian and your family on. Just as an aside... Katy received a bone marrow transplant this past Thursday. It was a miracle she made it to BMT after fighting AML for over a year. You can never underestimate our kids! Christina

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