Nurse Kelsie's art work

Iain's bow tie! Iain definitely does not like being turned and gets agitated but all in all his oxygen looks better when he is prone;we try to tell him it is better for his lungs although I am not sure he is convinced but then they give him more sedation and it does not matter anymore.  A bit of good news is that the output from his chest has decreased to a point where they were able to remove two of his five tubes, which, should also make it easier for him to be on his front.


  • Steve.White

    So good to know that Iain is making progress. We continue to pray for him and for the whole Hess family. Steve, Andrea, & Aidan White

  • heiserdiddams

    Dear Hess family, We are so relieved to follow your news of the past week! Every day that Iain improves, we breathe a sigh of relief along with you. Thinking of all of you every day - hugs all around! Much love! Naomi, Scott, Ari and Ilana

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Great news! Celebrating every milestone with you :-)

  • Young Schwemm family

    ...sounds like a good thing. He looks a bit like a fusebox in this picture! I do like the tie — I'm sure David will approve. Hang in there, Hess family!

  • Lynn Pesely

    Cute bow tie! Five tubes wow- glad two are out now. More steps in the right direction. So happy for you all!

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