Son is Rising

This morning Iain got into a chair for 30 minutes.  It took a huge amount of effort to stand up (and four people).  It was a scary endeavour for Iain but he did it.  Everyone was delighted although Iain himself found it very stressful.  You have to take into consideration these muscles have not been used in 4 weeks.  Iain is completely drained physically, no muscle tone and absolutely no fat reserves.  We have watched him waste away even though PT and OT have worked with him when they have been able.  His second trache test (first yesterday), where they take him off the ventilator for a while ,shows that he does not have the muscular strength to breath on his own effectively.  It will come but he needs to gain more muscle.


  • susan muir

    Fantastic that Iain got out of his hospital bed today. Sounds like he's got a lot of hard work ahead getting his strength back, but he's certainly got the tenacity to do it. Hurrah for Iain. (Btw I sent a card with no room number, so I hope it arrived okay).

  • Karl Pendergast

    Nice work by you Iain Hess! I understand it's very easy for me to say, but focus on getting to the other side of the obstacles in front of you, not on the obstacles themselves. Just like driving a car (you know about that, right Mr. Had-a-Ride-in-a-Buggati?), your line will be much cleaner and efficient if you're looking down the road and not right in front of the hood. Sure, you've got to make sure there are no deer on the side of the road, but keep the primary vision further ahead. Ok enough with the analogy; you must be getting pretty tired of hearing about roller coasters, marathons, now driving. Next, we'll be telling you what you are doing can be compared to racing drones through jello blobs filled with fancy pink candy canes! Don't ask, I have no idea what that means. Bottom line: get better on your own schedule but keep focused on what life looks like in a month or two, outside of the ICU and har-harring with the crew again in the not-too-distant future. Miss you, E. P.S. If you want a good chuckle, ask your dad to show you the Flying Squirrel video.

  • SherriCowhig

    Iain, it is so incredible to hear that you got up and around today. It is so exciting - you probably have no idea how thrilled all of us are!!!!! Baby steps! This one today was huge!

  • Abraham Family

    Sitting up? New, larger room? What wonderful news, Iain! You're moving in the right direction! Soon you'll be sitting for hours and texting your mates who are waiting VERY impatiently to hear from and see you! Thanks, Seema and John, for always providing such heartfelt, descriptive updates. Makes us feel like we're right down the hall. And I have a feeling you're soon going to have some foot-traffic wearing very happy expressions-- not to mention a very full post box brimming with a boatload of cards! Happy early Valentine's Day to all of you. Sending lots of love your way! XO Lari, Tom, Dean, Eve, Alexa & Aengus (woof!)

  • lisapendergast

    WOW Iain....I can't imagine what hard work this is. You are an incredible young man and we are lucky to know you. Love, Lisa and boys P.S. You can tell from Karl's crazy message that he was really excited to hear you were sitting up today! ;)

  • Chrissie M

    Everyday my family talks about how Iain is doing and we hope each day is better than the one before. Tonight as my son and I were talking, I told him of Iain's great progress to the chair. My son said, "Iain must be really excited, if he can sit in a chair, soon he will be able to play with his friends again!" Here's hoping those video games are coming soon.

  • Young Schwemm family

    Iain, It's really good to hear you were able to stand up and move to a chair. We understand it didn't feel as pleasant as it sounds but it's the beginning of the next phase where you regain mobility. If you can do that, David can get into a swimming pool (today's the day, he says!). We are sending a valentine but it will be late; thinking about you, though, and all the people around you who are helping you in you recovery. Love from David & parents

  • Chrissie M

    Thinking about you all tonight and fingers are crossed that you are resting.

  • Beth Butterfield

    You are so strong and so loved!! You have the strength and will power within you so keep pushing yourself! Look how far you have come and how many obstacles you have gotten through!! Take it one step at a time! I believe in you Iain!! ?Mrs Butterfield

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