Springtime in St. Louis - Update by John

It has been over a week since the last update. Alot has happened since that last update.

Seema took a well deserved break and is with our son Simon who is currently in California. I'm holding down the fort here in St. Louis while she is away.

Iain had some visitors earlier in the week. Dee, Don and Donna (my Aunt, Uncle and cousin) came to visit. Iain enjoyed hours of reflexology and family time.

We were hoping that Iain would be released this week. Doctors and nurses refer to that as "going to the zoo." Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Iain has had difficulty eating and drinking anything through his mouth. The food and fluid drain into his lungs which is obviously bad! Yesterday, Iain underwent some surgery to protect his lungs from this. First, they injected his vocal cord with filler in order to address the paralysis on the left side of his laranax. Next they restricted backflow from his stomach into his esophagus and finally they installed a feeding tube through his abdomen so that he won't need to eat or drink through his mouth. As a result of the surgery, he's in pain today. Hopefully that will be better over the weekend.

We've been making frequent trips to the 8th floor of the hospital. The garden is in full bloom! It's a wonderful respite from the clinical sterility of the hospital. As you can see, Iain's out enjoying the blooms. It's springtime in St. Louis!


  • jtani10

    I hope Iain's swallowing technique gets better soon! I had a little of that problem in the beginning and it was really strange! I was starving and food kept going down the wrong tube! They put me on a liquid diet thinking that would help but it really didn't. I ended up having them give me thickner for my liquids and so I did much better swallowing the thick liquid. After a while I was doing better with solid foods than with liquids! Tell him to just keep trying! He's an awesome fighter and I'm so excited that he has this second chance at life!! I believe he will take all of his life experiences and do good for the future! Love you guys! Jody Miller

  • Tremeyers

    So glad to see Iain is doing So good. Hopefully the swallowing will get better for him. Tell Iain Shaye and I say hello and send our best. Teresa & Shaye

  • Young Schwemm family

    Great to see a picture of Iain outside in the sunshine! It must be hard to be SO CLOSE to being ready to be released from the hospital. We hope the recent procedures help with your nutritional intake, Iain, and that soon it will be possible to eat and drink without danger to the lungs. The Rockies are 4-1! See you back in Colorado soon! Diane and family

  • lisapendergast

    Hi Iain.... It is spring time here in Boulder too. The tree in front of our house is bright pink again....remember that tree? I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and that the pain from this last procedure is diminishing. Can't wait for you to be back home. Lisa

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Great to hear you are enjoying the "high rise gardens of St Louis". The escape committee are still formulating plans on your hospital escape and it was a stroke of genius having a photo of you taken by the perimeter fence. This is the latest plan. Even though its on the eighth floor if we get your Aunty Win (code name Silver Shadow) to absail from a chopper into the garden, meet you and then all she has to do is breach the perimeter fence and you are out. All you will have to do is hold her walking stick as she places the charges because remember she is in her 80's! I have spoken to a guy called Mr Phelps for advice and he says that should Aunty Win or any other member of the IHAS Force (Penshaw & Sunderland Branch) be caught or injured the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of their actions. I think I have heard this somewhere before. Anyway it may be an impossible mission but if any grey haired lady in her 80's can do it, the Silver Shadow can! Great to see you are doing so well and everyone sents their love from "The Mad Prices of Penshaw".

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