TIme to Break Out the Smart Watch

Iain did 6 laps in a row around the unit today which is his record.  So I will bring in his watch so we can start recording his progress more consistently.  Remember as he is doing this he has to be attached to various pumps as he still has a chest tube pumping out the air around his lungs.  Fortunately the nausea has finally abated so his feeds are being restarted.  He still does not feel like eating as he cannot smell or taste with the tracheostomy.  His nurses and doctors all promise to go and get whatever he wants from outside of the hospital if he were to be tempted by non hospital fare, which is, of course, not difficult.  Wonders of wonders though today the cafeteria had installed a refrigerator full of healthy meals that actually looked quite appealing. Iain is unlikely to want these.

The staff have kindly organized a conference room for his friends, Colin, Mason, Dean, David and his cousin Sophia to have a little get-together this weekend.  Again, the staff here are amazing.  As Iain is taller than your average cardiac ICU patient finding a bed that fits him is problematic.  Many nurses have taken it as a personal challenge to find a suitable bed.  Each time it arrives, they are assured it is an extra long but no, it is always the same length. Perhaps by the time he leaves....


  • susan muir

    Well done on your 6 laps, Iain. Perhaps the exercise will make the hospital food taste better. Looks like you're going to be popular this weekend with so many visitors. It'll be good to catch up on all the news from home and see some different faces. Hope this is a good week for you.

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Telegram from Penshaw. Great news about the 6 laps [stop] Next time lets see 7 and [stop] I know what you mean about hospital food, it reminds me of Aunty Win's so when we eat it we have to [stop] Now I am getting bashed about the head and I am telling them to [stop] I like my jokes but they are telling me to [stop] The team at the hospital are doing a great job and tell them not to [stop] Sorry to hear about your bed being too small but you must be still growing so [stop] Anyway I have go and treat my injuries, I hope the bleeding will [stop] You must be getting bored reading this so I will [stop]

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Iain...can't wait to see you take those laps in person. :)

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