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Heyy everyone! My name is Kennedy Williams. I am 20 years old,and I need a kidney transplant. I am currently on diaylsis. I am still new to the whole blogging thing, but I will keep you updated on me and what happens throughout my life here, and Continue Reading »

My doggie is missing

So my dog got off of his leash today,and now we are in search for him. Please pray that we find him soon. My dad says he thinks he heard him barking and thinks he is just trying to find his way home which i hope my dad is right. All we can do now Continue Reading »

I'm sorry

Hey everyone sorry it's been so long, but I got good news. I have finished school and I walk the stage in May. I hopefully start college in January. I posted a picture on Facebook about me needing a kidney and like 20 people have already called the Continue Reading »

so much fun

I had so much fun at prom saturday it was the best junior prom ever. I cant wait till next year when ill be a senior i'm going to try from prom queen, but over all i just wanna have fun and enjoy my last prom. i will post pictures of me in my dress Continue Reading »


so i am in business class and we finally got new computers yayy!!! i love them :) Continue Reading »


Just another day at school its going great. My legs are very week though but just trying to make it the rest of the day. Continue Reading »

Back to School

Hey everyone so today we are back at school only 48 more day till summeryayy!!! last week was our spring break we didn't do much because my mom was sick in bed but she better now. My dad said since we didn't do anything he will probably take me to Continue Reading »

Hey again :)

Hey everyone just saying hey again this week is almost over kind of, but yeah I think I will go home and play on the piano today :) talk to you later  Continue Reading »


Hey everyone sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, been really busy. I'm doing very well right now i feel great today and this is our last week of school then we get a week off for spring break I'm so excited I'm hoping to go see my sister and also I Continue Reading »


Found out yesterday after school that my friend Caity passed away yesterday morning please keep her family and me in your prays thank you Continue Reading »


So far it has been a great week. Yesterday i got my chemistry test back and I got a 100 on!! I also have another chemistry test on tomorrow and i am so excited to take it because i understand everything on it, so I am hoping o pass it . Yesterday Continue Reading »

Its okay

Hey everyone i just wanted to say even though we did not reach our goal of $50,000.00 I am still thankful for the $44,807.19 that we raised. I just want to thank all of you that have helped me, and I am thankful for those that are praying for Continue Reading »

I love making blogs

Hey everyone Kennedy here i love making blogs they are fun hope everyone has an amazing day. Continue Reading »

Just saying hey

Hello everyone I'm feeling pretty good today just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. Talk to you soonLove,Kennedy Continue Reading »

Today January 22,2015

Hey everyone so this is my first blog on here, but i just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me out by donating. Thank you so much also today it has been one year since we started this page and we raised $44,807.19 OMG!!! thanks you for all Continue Reading »

Kennedy's Story Continue Reading »


Only a couple more weeks of school yayy. Prom next weekend and doctors hope everything goes well so i don't miss prom :) Continue Reading »

Walk A Thon

Continue Reading »


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King Holiday

Today I went to the King march,and handed out a lot of flyers for the talent show. I also went around to local businesses and posted flyers, also tickets for the event are now on sale. Continue Reading »

How You Can Help

If you could help make a miracle, would you? Continue Reading »

Talent Show

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