Can denial be a good thing?

Hello friends,

Well, there isn't really a whole lot new on the healthfront since I wrote last. I can say things have been calm, which of course is a good thing. People ask me how I am feeling, and the answer has become "holding steady." I suppose that's how I feel not just physically, but mentally too.

It's flu season, approaching winter and the cold season; and for the first time, that weighs on me if I think about it. Consequently, it makes me thankful for every day I go by without a cold or an infection. I make consious efforts to stay away from anyone who is sick. ....I just heard on 60 minutes tonight that the H1N1 can travel through the air, easily, ten feet. ... Doesn't fit my "three foot rule."

In the mean time, trying to do all the added regimens they (the medical team) wants me to do is not easy. I just want to keep doing what I want to do. I think that is starting to weigh on me mentally, because....well, I've never had any regrets with my health, how I conduct my life, always doing what is best in my opinion....but I don't want to get myself in a situation when I may regret. Always do the right thing....hmmmm.

As for the logistics, my records went to Denver; I don't qualify for the evaluation yet. Still a little too healthy...good problem to have.

I have had some interesting conversations with a couple of people who are transplant survivors. Encouraging. But even more so, educating.

I find it is best right now if I don't think about it too much. So I try to avoid it. Not successfully. But for now...that's the only approach that feels comfortable.


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