Update on the wait...

Hi friends! Matthew is holding to his key kidney parameters, which was supposed to hit the limit for his transplant by around this time. Therefore, our wait continues for those values to creep up to the transplant expected baseline. We are still Continue Reading »

Follow up from Duke Appt 5/24

Yesterday Vijish and Milu took Matthew to Duke to have a follow up after his recent surgery in preparation for the kidney transplant. Everything went well!! His surgery site is healing well and the doctors are very happy about it!  They are Continue Reading »

Update Matthew's Surgery

Matthew's surgery went well and he is recovering! 

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Matthew’s Next Surgery Date to Prepare for Eventual Transplant

Yesterday’s appointment at Duke went well. Matthew’s next surgery date to prepare for the transplant is set for Tuesday, April 30th. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers. 

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Mon, April 15 2019, Matthew's Appt with Duke Children's

Matthew is getting ready for his next appointment with Duke Children's on Monday (April 15 2019). It's going to be a whole day appointment for follow up on the surgeries he has had, additional tests, and decisions towards next steps.

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Appointment for Matthew Tomorrow 4/5

Matthew is having an outpatient IV infusion treatment for 6 hours tomorrrow 4/5. Please keep in your prayers. Thanks!  ~Milu & Vijish

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