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Nolan at Camp Carefree Reunion with a friend. Hard to believe it's only been 18 weeks since Nolan received his new kidney. Looking great and feeling better every day. On to new adventures this year. While the fundraising has slowed down, we are still short about $15,000. Please consider giving to help support Nolan and the medical expenses that he is incurring. Thanks.
June 1st:
We were afraid Nolan was experiencing organ rejection and went to UNC on Tuesday May 28 for a kidney biopsy. He kept asking for Versed (an amnesiac medication) until I finally had to tell him to stop because he was acting like a drug fiend. The preliminary results show no signs of organ rejection! He is plowing away at home school and will be attending summer school. He hopes to start driver's Ed. this summer.
May 12th:
Nolan had his kidney stent removed on Thursday, May 10th. Two more weeks on 'house arrest'. Labs look terrific. He's learning the medications for his transplant and starting to manage his care.
We had a blast playing tennis this morning and raised over $1000. (The money is still coming in.) Thanks to everyone who participated and donated. Go to to stay up to date on Nolan's recovery and to make a donation.
April 19th:
Nolan went home on Wednesday, April 18th. He's had a couple of good nights at home with Nurse Amy.
Go to for updates and to make a donation to support his transplant-related expenses.



  • Amy Moore

    This has been a harrowing experience and we appreciate all the kind words and donations. Hopefully Nolan will receive a kidney soon. However, this is only the beginning of his journey since the doctors tell us most kidneys only last 10 years. The money raised is for his lifetime of kidney related expenses. Thank You!!!!

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