2 baths in 40 minutes

Porter had a great day today.  Our nurse was trying to keep him awake a little more today since the last two nights he's been awake.  He's got his days and nights mixed up a bit over the last few days.  Despite our nurses efforts, Porter was sleeping soundly when we arrived so we tickled him and woke him up.  We thought it would be a good idea to try him in the boppy again today ~ he must have heard us talking about it because when our nurse checked his diaper before trying to put him in the boppy he gave us a huge "code brown".  This one required a little bath and bedding change.  I helped our nurse clean him up and we were getting ready to put him in the boppy when Porter decided to spit up all down his neck and on his clean bedding.  SO- I helped our nurse give him a second mini bath and this time we had to change his trach ties (these go around his neck to hold his trach in place).  40 minutes later we managed to get Porter in his boppy and unlike the other day - he actually seemed quite comfortable. He had good neck movement and engaged with a few toys.  We got a few smiles out of him today too.  They weaned his morphine a little more today as well as his adivan so hopefully he won't be quite so sedated here soon. 


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