8 weeks old today

Happy 8 week birthday Porter!
Porter had a pretty rough day yesterday. His Oxygen levels were not good and his blood pressure was up and down. They had to increase some of his meds and put a chest tube in to drain fluid from the area around his lungs. They are leaving the tube in his chest and
abdomen to allow the fluid to continuously drain and this has seemed to help his pressures so far. He started having an abnormal heart rhythm (junctional rhythm) which was also affecting hisbp so they started him on some medicine to help with this. The drs told us yesterday that they are just about at the end of things they can do for him medically. He is
still fighting the infection but it is improving so we're hoping it is cleared up today. If the infection clears up, if he continues to come down on the vent settings and if his lungs are still strong enough we'll be able to get him back on the transplant list and move forward.
When we came in this morning we were pleased to hear that the nurse was able to decrease the amount of one of his meds and drop the setting on the vent to 95%. We are hopeful for a quiet, uneventful day today and one that will allow him to heal even more.


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