Another Day Another Drain

Written Feb 26, 2014 6:56am by Megan Richardson 
Porter's tummy continued to get bigger and bigger Monday night into Tuesday morning so the drscalled us and said they felt it was important to put in another PD drain into his belly to get the fluid off. Of course we agreed. The drs proceeded and after they made the
incision and before the tube was even placed 115mls of fluid leaked out onto Porters bed. It's was like popping a water balloon! They placed the tube and now we're just watching it drain. I'm hopeful that when we get there today Porter will be a little smaller and we might be able to see his chin again. It sounds like he's tolerated the loss of fluid pretty well with no massive dips in his blood pressure. His chest tubes continue to put out quite a bit as well. Maybe Porter is just telling us that he wants to be a body builder when he grows upafter all he is still doing his syringe curls. Bulk him up and shrink him back down!


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