Back down to the PCU

Porter is back in the PCU and so far tolerating his new medicine well.  He's sleeping a lot but after speaking with the cardiologist he said that can happen and he should adjust with in the next week or so.  They are monitoring his HR and rhythm closely.  They have switched his formula to Nutramigen which thank goodness he doesn't have to swallow it because it smells like dog food vomit.  GROSS!  He spit up just a little bit when PT was working with him and just that little bit reminded me of home when one of the dogs eats something they shouldn't and leaves a present in the middle of the floor. 

Porter continues to improve on reaching for things and holding on to rings and small objects.  He does everything in "porter time" as the OT person said today... aka... slow motion.  It's really cute.  His arms are loosening up and his core is getting stronger.  I snagged a playmat, bouncy seat that rocks and another toy he can play with while he's out on the mat that lights up and plays music.  The docs are giving him bolus feeds during the day and are going to try continuous feeds over night.  Hopefully we'll get down to him eating over an our or half hour and we can do more tummy time exercises on the mat without the fear of him vomiting!!


  • crsmith77

    So glad to hear he's doing better! I hope your are doing ok. what a tough little guy!

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