Bouncing toward healing

Porter had a big day today.  PT came by this morning with a bouncy seat and asked respiratory to add an extension to his vent tubing so Porter could be in the bouncy seat on the floor.  Porter was falling fast asleep after his PT but when we put him in the bouncy seat his eyes were wide open with awe~ a whole new perspective on his room and out of the bed!!!  He stayed awake for another 1/2 hour before falling asleep in the chair.  He slept for a couple hours and when he woke up he was taken down to the CT lab for a scan of his lungs.  We're still waiting results of that test and hopefully will know something tomorrow.  I have asked for an echo to be done tomorrow as well so we'll see if they come by.  Porter also has been trying out bolus feeding today ~ slowly~ and has tollerated it all day.  He went from getting formula 26mls/hour continuously to 35mls/hr over a 3 hour period with an hour break in between.  He hasn't vomited at all with the increase of volume so thinking tomorrow they'll increase him a little more.  

Porter gets more and more interested in the pacifier (Steve and I have never been keen on using a pacifier but it's supposed to help Porter with the sucking motion.)  He has been putting it in his hand and trying to put it to his mouth.  They are talking about doing a swallow study if we can wean him more on the vent.  Porter could very well be to the point of eating cereal before he's taking a bottle or sippy cup but just one step at a time.  

Tomorrow PT is going to get him down on a play mat and let him scoot around.  He is so close to rolling over and we all think if he didn't have the vent tubing in the way he would be rolling all over the place by now.  The nurses have said that the kids with trachs can still roll on their stomachs~ not sure how they do it but they do so we'll see!! 

I should be meeting with the docs next week to find out what their plan for lil P is and what they anticipate for him in the future. 


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