Bulkin up

Porter has been keeping down his food well for the last few days on Enfacare.  He's up from 5.28kg to 5.36kg.  (the dietician and myself do question that big of a weight gain overnight but we'll see what tomorrow brings)  The good thing is he finally isn't loosing weight. 

I spoke with the Medical Director of the Cardiac Transplant program today.  He spoke with the Chief of the division of Congenital Heart Surgery who requested a formal presentation of Porter's case on Monday morning in front of all of the Cardiology team, CT surgery team, PCU team and anyone else involved in Porters care.  Everyone is extremely nervous about the surgery we came down here for because of where Porter's obstruction is.  Of course, in Porter's book it's not where most obstructions are.  We will be on pins and needles until we know what plan they feel will be the safest and most beneficial for Porter. 

He continues to be FULL of smiles and has a tooth coming in his upper front gum.  It looks like it's about to break through any day!   Porter did a great job with OT and PT today.  He was able to hold himself up with minimal assistance and lifted one of his toys into the air on his own!  He's getting stronger everyday!


  • crsmith77

    I'm so happy to hear about his progress! Hang in there, you're such a strong person and you've got people sending best wishes your way! I'm glad to hear they are presenting his case to such a big panel Monday. Progress is good :)

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