Written Feb 10, 2014 9:43pm by Megan Richardson
Another good day for lil P...... He has reached a "cruzin" point which we are thrilled about. No more medicines to wean except the Morphine and his vent settings are in a good position to help him maintain stability as he waits oh so patiently for a heart. He got to visit with Uncle Mark from Tennessee tonight and it was so cute to see him looking straight at him. Oliver got to have dinner with Uncle Mark as well and he thought that was pretty cool. Oliver had an Echo today as the docs wanted to make sure his heart was healthy, we are waiting the results from that and should know something tomorrow. RCM (restrictive cardiomyopathy) and Noonan's syndrome can be hereditary. Tomorrow we should also know if Porter's chest tubes can come out or if he needs to keep them for a bit longer. The less tubes he has the closer we get to holding him!!
Continuing to pray for a heart...


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