Day 15 post transplant

It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since Porter's heart transplant!!!  He's been busy healing and getting stronger.  They have started Porter back on his trach collar trials (time off the vent) and he is tolerating it well.  Starting slow and trying to build his endurance is the goal right now.  

They are working on weaning him off all the narcotics he was on for his surgery which is a SLOW process and not the first time he's had to go through this.   The pharmacy put a calendar in Porter's chart with specifics on what to wean and how much to wean and it looks like it's going to take until the end of December to get him off of all of it.  The doctors added a special bag to be used in conjunction with his feeding bag that will actually vent his tummy and take the gas out as he eats.  He's been struggling with this so we're hoping this helps and his belly can get back to normal size and not look big and round. Although, who knows, maybe he's trying to compete with Santa!!!  


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