Eyes closed shut

Today was a very busy and quite traumatic day for Porter.  He had his follow up ophthalmology appointment this morning to check his optic nerve and nystagmus (rapid side to side eye movement).  Well, lets just say this appointment was extremely stressful for Porter.  They dilated his eyes which wasn't even the worst part.  When it came time for the exam the physician had very little patience and was not very compassionate.  Porter was extremely agitated when the doctor tried to look in his eyes - I would be agitated to if two people were trying to hold me down while a doctor tried to pry my eyes open. Several times our nurse told the doctor to give Porter a break at which time he needed some help breathing and his heart rate reached the upper 160's - too high. We're supposed to follow up in a month but I don't think we'll be returning to that clinic. SO thankful to our nurse today!  She was wonderful.

The rest of the day was just as crazy.  We started running low on some essential supplies but thanks to our nurse we were able to get it figured out and I went and picked up what we needed.  Porter had OT this afternoon but after the crazy morning he had he wasn't super receptive to his "work out"  Then it was on to bath and trach care and he was exhausted. He should sleep ALL night long.  It was definitely a full moon in the Richardson house today! 


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