Family Day!!

It was a great day in Porter's room today!!!  Oliver got to visit his baby brother.  Today was the first time he'd seen Porter since January 16th.  Oliver was so excited.  He went right over to Porter and touched his hand and tickled his feet.  He saw Porter's toys sitting on the table and brought them over to Porter one at a time and tried to put some of them in Porter's hands.  Our nurse today even let Oliver help her take Porter's temperature (under the armpit of course).  :)  The nurse asked Oliver to read the numbers on the thermometer and when he said 10 she went uh oh....  It would appear that Porter had a little fever brewing which didn't surprise us since they took his morphine dose down a little today.  The nurse gave him a dose of Tylenol and shortly thereafter his fever started to come down.  Oliver and Steve read a book to Porter and Oliver showed Porter a sticker book he made for him. Oliver also placed a glass heart on Porter's chest and said "this will make you feel better".  It was an awesome day. 


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