Friday Funday

Porter looked so much better today than he has the last couple of days.  It’s amazing what a little blood can do for someone!  He was smiley and playful for the majority of the day.  When psychology came by yesterday to finish their assessment one of the things they tested him on was holding onto a block which he really didn’t want anything to do with.  He had never held a block before so it was quite foreign to him.  I asked child life if they had any blocks that we could use and they brought us a couple.  I put them in Porters hand throughout the day yesterday so he would get a feel for it and low and behold when I came in this morning and handed him a block it took it and held onto it like a pro.  I was also able to find mini kong tennis balls (dog toys but who cares) that are the perfect size for his hands.  He seems to like the way they feel.  Porter has a new “happy dance” where he wiggles his whole body when he’s laying down and cracks himself up.  It’s really funny.  Since Porter seemed interested in the spoon I was using yesterday I got some plastic baby spoons for him to play with.  He puts the spoon up to his mouth and tries to get it into his mouth.  Since he seemed interested in putting into his mouth I took a couple of drops of his formula and put it on the spoon and put it to his lips.  He squirmed at first but tasted it and swallowed it.  I was expecting him to spit it out but he didn’t.  Porter was able to Face Time with big brother Oliver and daddy a little bit tonight.  He really loves to hear their voices.

Looking forward to a quiet playful weekend.  


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