Goodbye 2014 and HELLO 2015.  We are ready to get off the 2014 roller coaster and looking forward to smoother tracks in 2015.  Porter has had a great week this week.  He has been on a home vent all week and tolerating it very well.  We won't be taking this vent with us but it's the same kind that we'll have when he goes home.  Since receiving his new heart, Porter's hair has started growing again and he is growing like a weed.  They actually decreased his calories in his formula today because he is starting to gain too much weight!  Who ever thought we'd hear that.  For the LONGEST time it was all we could do to try to have him gain some weight.  They are working on decreasing the amount of time it takes for him to eat~ he's gone from being fed over 2.5hrs to feeds running over 1.5hrs and is doing great with that.  He has started back up on doing Passy-Muir Valve trials (taking him off the vent and putting a valve over the end of the trach forcing him to breath out his mouth or nose).  So far so good with that as well. They are starting out slow with it~ he went a half hour today and we'll try longer tomorrow.  He did great with it today though.  They are working on a plan to discharge us back to North Carolina probably in the next week or so which is exciting and terrifying at the same time!! 


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