Happy 9 Month Birthday Porter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 9th month birthday Porter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Porter was so excited to reach his 9 month milestone that his heart rate jumped into the upper 140's and 150's.  I can't say that anyone was super excited about this.  He didn't have a fever or any other signs that would make his HR elevated so they decided on some IV lasix since the IV dose works faster than the oral dose through his G-button.  Porter was not himself yesterday or this morning but this afternoon has started looking a little better.  They have drawn a lot of blood over the last few days for his transplant eval so the thought is the loss of blood has stressed his system.  He'll be getting a blood transfusion over the next two days (1/2 today and 1/2 tomorrow) and also will have an echo done today.  Chest x-ray yesterday and EKG looked good so no concerns with a virus.  The psychology department came by yesterday to start a developmental eval on Porter and finished up the testing today.  This will let us know what they feel his developmental age is.  Luckily I'm a little picture/video happy because Porter wasn't feeling like grabbing onto things like they wanted him to but I showed them pics of him grasping and reaching for his toys on his activity mat and also of him hitting the "pinata" with his "dumbell".  They were happy to see that.  Next week he'll be crawling~ well maybe just enjoying tummy time a little more than he does now. 


  • Gwen Harvey

    Hi! Porter, you are such a cutie! I read your updates all the time and think of you all often. Megan, you are an awesome mama to both your boys. I pray that with your help the staff in Texas can get Porter healthy enough so he can come home. Much love from the Harvey's!

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