Happy Easter and Happy 5 month Birthday Porter!

WOW!!  What an incredible day.  The staff at the PICU made another exception and let Oliver come in to see Porter for Easter and for Porter's 5 - yes 5 month birthday!  We cannot believe Porter is 5 months old.  He's spent all of his life with the exception of 3 weeks in the hospital and yet he has amazing head control, he follows objects, smiles and is trying to suck on a pacifier.  Oliver so enjoyed seeing Porter on Easter.  The first thing he did when he got to his room was ask to be picked up and placed in Porter's bed with him.  Oliver found the stethoscope and listened to Porter's heart, stomach, knee, foot, and arm.  It's amazing how much the sounds of the heart travel through the body!  Our nurse gave Oliver a lesson on how to change a trach and let Oliver insert an actual trach into a doll.  He had Oliver breath through a straw to simulate how Porter is breathing right now.  They are still working on trying to get Porter home.  He's tried out the home vent twice now but hasn't faired well on it. It seems that there is something wrong with the water heater in the unit they sent and for a portion of the night water was going down Porters trach and into his lungs~ not good.  So he's been coughing up a bunch of gunk today and his x-ray was pretty cloudy.  They will re-check him tomorrow to make sure his lungs are clearing up and there isn't something else going on.  He got a real bath today in his tub and a good rub down with some smell good lotion.  It only took about 5 min after all that was done for him to fall into a deep deep sleep- both eyes closed!!!


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