Head to toe

Since arriving in Texas Porter has been seen by neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, general surgery, PT, OT, and nutrition.  Neuro did a CT scan of his head which showed some fluid around his brain but we're not sure exactly what that means right now as far as his development goes.  They have talked about possibly getting an MRI of his brain to see if they can see any specific damage.  Pulmonology didn't think Porter's lungs looked bad at the time of arrival but they will continue to monitor his lungs as they wean his vent settings.  PT/OT continue to work on his development with stretching, sitting, head strength and they have ordered a "tomato" chair for him!  Not sure what that is yet but it's supposed to help him with sitting up and interacting more.  He is having a cardiac MRI this morning as the docs here want to get some of their own images of his heart.  They are also going to check out his bowels to see if there is something contributing to his constipation and bowel loops or if it's just because of the medication he's on. We should start having some information this afternoon.  

The Ron Don was full in the hospital last night so Steve and I were able to get the last room at the hotel across the street.  If we had stayed in the hospital, Steve would have never been able to get a waffle in the shape of Texas! 


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