Lights out!

Well this week mother nature has wreaked havoc on us to say the least.  Our little 4-6” can’t compare to the 24 + inches that our friends up north have received but when snow removal relies on the sun to melt the snow, it makes things that much more treacherous.  The NC way of getting rid of the snow seems to be -wait for the sun to melt it!  Hahahaha. Porter has had a good week and is making great progress with OT and PT.  Both have commented on how strong he is getting.  He’s sitting for seconds by himself which is HUGE.  Porter has rolled onto his tummy by himself but doesn’t like it!  He is getting stronger pushing through his arms and his legs.    We lost power early Thursday morning which was a little scary.  We’re so thankful for all of our neighbors offering to help us.  Steve attempted to charge the vent with my car but that wasn’t working so he called Lowes and they had a few generators left.  Thankfully he was able to get a generator so we could plug all of Porter’s equipment in and relax a little.  Porter was no worse for the ware with all the snow and ice, he just played, ate and slept like he was supposed to do. 

Porter has his next cardiology appointment tomorrow so we’ll get to see how his heart is pumping and functioning.  We have yet to be able to get an appointment with pulmonology at UNC or even get a call back from them so needless to say we are SUPER disappointed.  

We are looking forward to some better weather this week!  It looks like it’s going to be 70 later in the week ~ woohoo!  We are hoping winter is done and spring is on it’s way!!!


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