Lil P we're ready for you!!

Well it's been a big adjustment week with getting everyone on the same page regarding Porter and his care but we are getting there.  We are hopeful that Porter will break out of the hospital walls next week and we can start living as a whole family.  We're ready for him to come home~ home vent by the bedside, feeding pump coming Monday, nursing for the first week set up, bins for supplies ready to be filled and bedding clean!

We cannot thank our family and friends for all of their support and help during this crazy time.  Family making the drive with Oliver to Texas and back to North Carolina, friends and neighbors keeping an eye out on our house, cleaning our house, raking ALL the leaves, putting food in the fridge, texts, prayers, and good vibes~ without all of you we could not have made it through all of this.  

We love you all and are forever grateful!!!!   


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