Making great strides

Porter has really been making progress over the last few weeks.  He is now able to sit up all by himself and is SOOOOO proud.   He is taking more stable steps with supported walking and has been crusing around the entire ottoman instead of just one side.  We are working on helping him transition from one piece of furniture to another.  He is saying more words and making some super sweet sounds. 

ENT and Pulmonology has given us the green light to start caping Porter's trach so instead of him wearing the valve that allows him to inhale through, this is a solid cap that goes over the end of his trach forcing him to breath in and out through his mouth and nose.  He is doing well with it so far and wore the cap for an hour yesterday.  This is one step closer to getting rid of that trach!  He had a pulmonology appointment today and the doc said we can start letting him take his naps off of the vent as long as he maintains his O2 levels, HR and isn't working hard to breath.  He did great today with that.  He did say Porter still has a long way to go before they'll start weaning the vent at night, especially going into cold and flu season.  

We have his IEP meeting coming up in August in preparation of his 3rd birthday when they want him to start pre-school.  Makes us nervous for him to start school during the cold and flu season.   

Porter has a new occupational therapist and she seems to be on target with feeding and willing to work with our speech therapist unlike the previous occupational therapist.  We are hopefully that he'll start moving in the forward direction with his feeding!!!!  


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