Making strides

Porter is movin and shakin.  After having a play date with a friend who is crawling, Porter decided it was time for him to try!  He did it and made it half way across the living room rug.  Only trouble is he's going to have rug burn on his forehead if he doesn't strengthen that neck!  :)  He moved from the baby pool to the big pool for one of his PT sessions and as long as the weather stays the way it is I think we're going to have one of his two PT sessions at the pool..

We've all been enjoying watching Oliver play soccer and have managed to go out for pizza afterwards as a family of 4! Porter has been doing much better tolerating the car rides and Oliver really enjoys having Porter go on outings with him.

We recently went to the nursing companies office for an award ceremony for our nurse Julia who won the much deserved Hero Award and Porter got to meet another one of the babies she takes care of.  They were so cute together! It was so nice to meet the other family!!

Porter had his 3rd cardiac cath today (second one at UNC) and he did great!!  Procedure went smooth and echo and ekg did as well.  The techs joked at how they never get to do an echo or ekg with Porter being so calm.  He's usually moving all over the place!

Now we just wait for the results!  Overall Porter is doing well and progressing!


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