Written Feb 11, 2014 9:55pm by Megan Richardson

Well Porter had a big day today that started with having his chest tubes removed!!!! The docs were taking care of that when I came in this morning. He has not had any excessive fluid output from his chest so they removed the tubes and we hope that he doesn't have any
re-accumulation of fluid. So really the only tube he is draining from now is his pd drain in his abdomen which continues to put out quite a bit of not so pleasant looking goop. The hope and excitement for tomorrow is that he may be able to sit in a bouncy seat and we might, just might, get to hold him! Even if it's just for 30 seconds it will be fantastic.
We've been told it will take some time for him to get used to being held or even touched again but we're looking forward to it. He's so used to people touching him because they are trying to help him with treatments that it's been an eternity in baby world for some good
ole snuggle time so this will take some getting used to.
We also found out today that Oliver's Echo was NORMAL so we were incredibly relieved to hear that. PT came by today to visit Porter and he reached up with his hands (and a little assistance) and touched his dolphin on his mobile and with some assistance brought both hands to
touch his nose. Something he would never have been able to do last week with as swollen as he was. Porter is also kicking his legs a lot as if he's running a marathon or maybe he's trying to escape! Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. 


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