PT in the pool

Thanks to Porter's PT for suiting up and working with Porter in his baby pool.

Having Porter in the water gives him a little extra workout for his core helping him with sitting. He was not a fan at first but when Oliver got in the pool with him he seemed to be happier and actually splashed around.  He stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes - not bad for the first time!

Porter continues to get stronger. He's sitting up on his own longer and longer everyday.  He gets frustrated when he gets tired because he's not able to brace himself yet when he wants to lay down again.  One of Porters arms is a little rotated with the bone sticking up in an awkward manner which could be making it harder for him to put weight through his arms for tummy time.  The docs don't feel there is anything that needs to be done about that at this time.  They're keeping an eye on it though to make sure it doesn't affect any nerves or lead to an easy dislocation issue.  

Porter continues to require oxygen but with the o2 adapter for his passy muir valve Porter can continue to work on vocalizing and making sounds.  Oliver loves to make him "talk".  We LOVE watching them together, Oliver says - "I just love Porter".


  • marygandy

    its really good that a baby spent about 30 minutes in pool for the first time... its good to know that he has been doing great and recovering rapidly....i am happy for him too...

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