Prayers for a little girl named Faith tonight

Porter and I said a prayer tonight for a little girl down the hall from him who was also in the bed next to him in the CVICU.

Tonight, we are asking for you to say a prayer for a little girl named Faith who is just a few months older than Porter and who has been in the hospital a little longer than Porter.  While I don't know her whole story, I know she has had multiple open heart surgeries and was recently being considered for transplant.  TCH denied her for transplant as did Dallas but they are seeking acceptance from Cincinnati and Boston in hopes that someone can help save their little girl.  I ran into her grandma in the elevator today and she said if they all say no they will be taking her home and she only has about a month before she will get her wings.  This is just heartbreaking. Please say a prayer for her and her family that they will get some encouraging news soon.  


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